INSPIRE like a Leader.

Our volunteers are essential to delivering the best Girl Scout experience to girls, and we are grateful for their service. We provided our volunteers with hands-on and online support through training, online tools, and resources. Last year, we served 5,742 volunteers through in-person classes and webinars, and 20,137 through online tutorials. Volunteer led in-person trainings and webinar views increased 25 percent.  To prepare our volunteers to take girls outdoors, we conducted 17 high adventure classes, including new tomahawk classes. 


Our volunteers also have access to online tools: the Volunteer Tool Kit (VTK) and Rallyhood. Rallyhood is an interactive communications and community platform, with over 1.9 million connections across our different rallies. The VTK is a planning tool for troop leaders. To support usage we hosted 10 webinars, in addition to providing leaders with support from staff and welcome specialists.  The number of troop leaders accessing the VTK increased by 19% from the previous year, to a total of 1,671.



Header Photo: Girl Scouts at Ben’s Chili Bowl in Washington, DC