Be BOLD like a Girl Scout.

What holds girls back is the decision not to try, to avoid taking risks and making mistakes. Girl Scouts creates an environment that is supportive of trying and failing. In the end, we teach girls perseverance. When Girl Scout Junior Alice observed the boys in her class eagerly volunteering and raising their hand, while the girls were shying away, what she witnessed is actually grounded in research.

According to the American Association of University Women, the drop in confidence for girls starts in elementary school, with girls’ self-esteem dropping 3.4 times more than boys.

Alice brought this issue to the attention of her Girl Scout troop, and what resulted was the Raise Your Hand movement. Girl Scouts take a pledge to raise their hand in class, encourage three friends to join them and share how this action gave them confidence. Over 9,093 girls worldwide have earned the patch below!

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Alice Speaking up about girls confidence and Raise Your Hand

Header Photo: Girl Scout Troop 63 Raise Your Hand